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Brainy news

The future of artificial intelligence

Conversica CEO Alex Terry is interviewed by the associated press and speaks about how artificial intelligence is progressing to the point where poeple don't realize that they are talking to a machine

By Barbara Ortutay

Main titles

  • Customers think they are talking to a sales rep, when they are really talking to a bot.
  • Millions of messages processed in order to train system to behave like a human.
  • Method similar to Siri and Alexa that recognizes spoken language.
  • Pattern matching is at core of this technology.

Brain boosting devices

A review of how technology is enhancing our intellectual abilities.

by Kate Baggaley

Main titles

  • Elon Musk announces Neuralink, a company that will create brain implants for healthy consumers.
  • Brain performance may be enhanced by sending electric pulses to specifice neurons.
  • Varying the chemicals the brain uses, could also affect learning.
  • Much harder to target skills that require many areas of the brain working together.

Intelligent life forms and our solar system

What is the possibility that intelligent life forms with technological capabilites ever existed in our solar system?

By Marina Koren

Main titles

  • Technosignatures may exist that prove existence of indigenous species.
  • Any evidence may have been erased by shifting techtonic plates.
  • Intelligence species could have arisen in Mars and Venus, before their water evaporated.
  • Any evidence that life existed on Mars could still be found beneath the surface.