New portable device diagnoses brain injury.

By analyzing a single drop of blood, patients can be diagnosed within ten minutes, and will be able to go home if their levels of H-FABP are below a certain threshold.

New portable device diagnoses brain injury.
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  • The diagnostic point of care test, called the TBIcheck, allows up to one third of patients to be sent home.

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“We wondered if it was possible to isolate certain proteins whose presence in the blood increases in the event of mild traumatic brain injury. Our idea was to find a way to do a quick examination that would allow, during a boxing or American football match, for example, to determine whether the athlete can return to the field or if his condition requires hospitalization. The opposite of the CT Scan, an exam that lasts a long time and cannot be done anywhere.” - Jean-Charles Sanchez, professor at the Department of Internal Medicine of Specialties.

"Biomarkers are a mine of information on patients' state of health, it is up to us to decode them," concludes the Geneva researcher." - Jean-Charles Sanchez