Sitting is bad for the brain

Too much sitting is linked to thinning of a brain area (medial temporal lobe), where new memories are formed.

Sitting is bad for the brain
sedentary lifestyle and the brain

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  • The research has been conducted by UCLA researchers and is of middle aged and older adults.
  • Physical activity is unlikely to reverse the harmful effects of extended sedentary lifestyle.

sitting and the brain

  • The effect is relational and not causal. It has not been proved that a sedentary lifestyle leads to thinning of brain areas, however more hours spent sitting is linked to thinning of brain areas.
  • Further research is planned to decide whether more hours spent sitting causes thinning of certain brain regions.
  • According to the researchers, a thinning of the MTL is a predeccesor of dementia and cognitive decline in middle age adults and older.