Nutrition and memory

Dietary changes are necessary with age.

Nutrition and memory
Nutrition and memory

by the University of Technology Sydney

Main titles

  • A study has examined the association between nutrition and aging.
  • There is data to suggest strong links between various food groups, memory loss and other medical conditions.
  • In aging groups, strong links have been found between various food categories, memory loss and comorbid heart disease or diabetes.
  • A high intake of fruit and veggies was found to correspond to a lower probability of memory loss and its comorbid heart disease.
  • Good memory was found to correlate with a greater consumption of foods rich in protein.
  • People over the age of 80 with a low consumption of cereals, were at the highest risk of memory loss and its comorbid heart disease.
  • "Dietary intervention in chronic disease prevention and management is a real challenge." - Dr Luna Xu, Researcher
  • Fruits and veggies and foods rich in protein are all essential components of older people's diets.

Nutrition and memory