The genius of Bach

The clues we have today that Bach was a genius.

The genius of Bach
Genius of bach

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  • It is commonly accepted that Bach's IQ would have placed him in the top .25% of the general population.
  • While improvising a six-part fugue is a feat in itself, here are some more clues of his genius that are found in his music.

Bach genius IQ

  • The BACH motif. Bach lived in Germany where B naturals are called 'H' and B flats are called 'B'. Bach made his name his signature motif with the following four notes: B flat – A – C – B natural.
  • Signing off. The above motif can be written out in the form of a cross by having one note intersecting four staves.
  • Number symbolism. When numbers are assigned to letters of the alphabet: 2+1+3+8=14, then 14 is equivalent to Bach's name. The 14 canons of the Goldberg Variations is one of many examples of the number 14 being used playfully in his work.