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5 things everyone gets wrong about artificial intelligence and what it means for our future

By Luis Perez-Brava

Automation, robotics, machine learning, and big data, should not be confused with AI.

Instead AI should be associated with fulfilling tasks that humans cannot, and addressing problems that cannot be solved by traditional means.

Main titles

Myth 1: AI is going to kill our jobs

Jobs lost to automation, are not lost to AI.

Myth 2: Robots are AI

They are machines programmed to move.

Myth 3: Big Data and Analytics are AI

These are computer tasks based on human created models, again, not AI.

Myth 4: Machine Learning and Deep Learning are AI

These are tools for programming computers to react to complex patterns.

Myth 5: Search engines are AI

The search engine spots patterns from what you search and recommends others do the same.