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8 Hobbies That Have Been Scientifically Proven to Raise Your IQ

By Justas Markus.

A list of eight hobbies that make you smarter.

Main titles

  • Play a Musical Instrument
  • Many skills are practiced simultaneously, leading to an overall enhanced cognitive effect.

  • Read Anything
  • All genres are beneficial and affect different types of intelligence.

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Regular physical activity is beneficial to intelligence. Exercising in bursts is less effective.

  • Learn a New Language
  • Enhanced focus, attention, and problem solving are some of the benefits here.

  • Test Your Cumulative Learning
  • Avoid cramming. Instead make a habit of noting salient features, and making acute observations.

  • Exercise Your Brain
  • Neuroplasticity improves with puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku.

  • Meditate
  • The benefits of controlling our brainwaves.

  • Cook Different Meals
  • In addition to the obvious health benefits, you also benefit from increased creativity, focus and mindfulness.