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History of IQ

Quizzes on intelligence and IQ testing: Quiz 5

Quiz your knowledge on the history of IQ and IQ testing.

Test your knowledge and discover who came up with the concept of IQ testing, and who helped to refine IQ tests in the present form.

Discover what IQ studies around the world have suggested about the concept of IQ.

1. A 10 year old who responded to the original Stanford - Binet with the proficiency of an average 11 year old was said to have an IQ of.

  1. 120
  2. 110
  3. 90
  4. 75

2. To assess mental age Binet and Simon measured children's:

  1. mathematical skills
  2. pulse
  3. reasoning skills
  4. attention span

3. The knowledge and skills obtained through learning and experience is called.

  1. crystallized intelligence
  2. Flynn effect
  3. Doppler effect
  4. fluid intelligence

4. If a seven-year-old child takes Alfred Binet's test of intelligence and has a mental age of eight.

  1. his chronological age must be eight.
  2. he is less intelligent than most eight year olds.
  3. his score equals the average score of eight year olds.
  4. he is in need of remedial education.

5. The best indicator of infant's intellectual aptitude is their:

  1. tendency to quickly shift their gaze from a familiar to a novel picture
  2. birth weight
  3. ability to discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar voices
  4. head circumference at birth

6. IQ scores of identical twins tend to be more alike than those of same-sex fraternal twins. This might be taken as very good evidence for a hereditary effect. On the other hand, which of the following possible findings would give the best evidence AGAINST such a conclusion?

  1. Parents treat identical twins more alike than they do fraternal twins
  2. Identical twins are typically born into middle-class families, where they both are provided with stimulating environments
  3. when adopted, all twins scores become more similar to adoptive parents and less like biological parents
  4. Identical twins tend to have similar achievement test scores

7. To be a good inventor, which of the kinds of intelligence described by Sternberg would you most need?

  1. analytical
  2. operational
  3. creative
  4. practical

8. The right side of your brain controls the _______ side of your body and the left side of your brain controls the _______ side of your body.

  1. left/right
  2. right/left
  3. right/right
  4. left/left

9. A measure of the correlation between scores of the same people on the same test given two times is:

  1. split-half reliability.
  2. criterion validity.
  3. test-retest reliability.
  4. face validity.

10. Peter says that he is intellectually gifted because he scored 140 on his IQ test. This attitude is commonly known as:

  1. Validity
  2. Reification
  3. Deification
  4. The Flynn effect