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What are our views towards IQ related matters? Do people prefer good looks to IQ? Do they prefer more money to more IQ?

This is the place where our general impressions triumph over academic research so cast your vote!

  • Nature vs nurture
    - Is intelligence is mostly due to environmental factors or genetic factors?
  • Know thyself
    - Do you think of yourself as being highly intelligent?
  • IQ tests & validity
    - Do IQ test scores provide a valid measure of reasoning skills?
  • Intelligence vs looks
    - Would you prefer to have more intelligence or better looks?
  • Intelligence vs money
    - Would you prefer to have more intelligence or more money?
  • Brain teasers
    - Can brain teasers, puzzles and riddles increase IQ?
  • Emotional IQ
    - Which is more important as an emotional intelligence trait? Self-awareness, empathy or resilience?
  • Rationality vs Intelligence
    - Which is more important? Rationality or intelligence?
  • Genius & insanity
    - Genius is very closely related to insanity.
  • Trading IQ
    - If every IQ point earned you $1M, how many points would you trade?
  • Quotations
    - "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.” - Oscar Wilde. Agree/Disagree
  • Partner's IQ
    - People with higher IQs find it harder to find a partner.

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