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Careers for proficiency in classification skills

Stong classification abilities mean that you are adept at conceptualizing problems, and are proficient in adapting to new situations and memorizing information

Quickly classifying objects is an ability in its own right. Efficiently and accurately comparing similarities and differences between items is a distinguishable ability and a valuable addition to your overall skillset.

Here you will find suitable careers for when classification abilities are your strongpoint.

Classification abilites

Example question:

Which of the following words does not belong?

anemone, rose, lotus, begonia, buttercup


Suitable careers

  • Biochemists
  • Biophysicists
  • Microbiologists
  • Molecular Biologists
  • Cellular Biologists
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Biologists
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Geoscientists
  • Mining and Geological Engineers
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Clinical Neuropsychologists
  • Geneticists
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Soil and Plant Scientists
  • File Clerks

Classification abilites (with speed factor)

Example question:

Which of the following does not belong?

Kepler, Hawkin, Columbus ,Hubble, Sagan

All apart from Columbus are astronomers.

Suitable careers

  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Airline Pilots
  • Copilots
  • Flight Engineers
  • Nuclear Equipment Operation Technicians
  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
  • Petroleum Pump System Operators
  • Refinery Operators
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Gas Plant Operators
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Locomotive Engineers
  • Municipal Fire Fighters
  • Anesthesiologist Assistants