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Which non-English language has all these words? Hobby, Sweatshirt, Reporter, Hotel, Bus, Handy, Gymnasium, Brand, Gift, Billion, Rock, Student, Chef, Fast.

A word does not need to have the same meaning with the English word!

Billion in Italian is miliardo.

Billion in Portuguese is bilhão.

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What is ziuq spelt backwards?

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Hobby: Das hobby.

Sweatshirt: Das sweatshirt.

Reporter: Der reporter.

Hotel: Das hotel.

Bus: Der bus.

Handy: Das handy; cell phone.

Gymnasium: Das gymnasium; high school.

Brand: Der brand; fire

Gift: Das gift; poison.

Billion: Die billion; trillion.

Rock: Der rock; skirt. die Rockmusik; rock music.

Student: Der student; university student.

Chef: Der chef; boss.

Fast: Fast; nearly.

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