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Merging concept

In syllogistic arguments conclusions are based on statements. An exception occurs in cases when two of the conclusions do not follow and fulfill these two criteria:

  • The two conclusions have the same terms in the subject/predicate.
  • One conclusion is positive, and the other negative. (A positive conclusion is 'All/some', and a negative conclusion is 'No/some-not'

If both criteria are met, then it follows that either one of the two conclusions follow.

Merging concept in syllogism.



Some A is B

Some C is A


Some B is C

No B is C

Check conclusions for validity:

Conclusion 1: Some B is C

False (No connection between C and B.

Conclusion 2: No B is C

False (positive premises imply a positive conclusion.

Both conclusions do not follow therefore check for merging concept.

Step 1: Both conclusions have the same terms.

Step 2: One conclusion is positive and the other negative.

Both conditions are satisfied therefore either conclusion 1 or conclusion 2 follows.