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Ordering setups

Inductive reasoning tips

Ordering setups include prioritizing tasks in a workday, organizing seating arrangements, and scheduling activities.

Depending on the difficulty level, two or more sets of elements could exist. In a seating arrangement setup, the basic set elements will be the number order of chairs around a table. The seating arrangement forms the second set of elements, for example, Pierre sitting directly opposite Lina. A third set of elements might involve the clothes people wear around the table.

It is, therefore, possible to create many different, interlinked rules from all the element sets.

Click here for grouping setups.

Ordering setup examples

Example 1:

Statement 1: Mary is older than Lisa.

Statement 2: Jennifer is older than Mary.

If the first two statement are true then Jennifer is older than Lisa.

True/False/Cannot be determined.

The answer cannot be determined.

Example 2:

Statement 1: Soda water is more expensive than tonic water.

Statement 2: Soda water is less expensive than coffee.

If the first two statements are true then coffee is more expensive than soda water and tonic water.

True/False/Cannot be determined.


Example 3:

Statement 1: John is sitting in the row behind Mary.

Statement 2: Mary is sitting in the row behind Frank.

If the first two statements are true then both Mary and Frank are sitting in rows in front of John.

True/False/Cannot be determined.


Example 4:

Statement 1: Taking a segway tour is quicker than a bicycle tour.

Statement 2: Taking the bycicle tour is slower than the hoverboard tour.

If the first two statements are correct then the hoverboard tour is quicker than the Segway tour.

True/False/Cannot be determined.

Cannot be determined.

Example 5:

Statement 1: John is two years older than Mary, who is three years younger than Sarah.

Statement 2: Clark is one year older than Mary.

Who is eldest of the four?

John, Mary, Sarah or Clark?

Sarah is the eldest.

Example 6:

Sue is taller than Ben

Ann is shorter than Sue

Zak is tallest

Flo is shorter than Ben

Ann is shorter than Flo

Which of the five friends is second tallest?


The order starting from tallest is Zak, Sue, Ben, Flo and Ann.

Example 7:

Five parking spaces at a college are reserved for faculty and administration. The spaces are lined up, for the President, the Dean, an associate professor, a teaching assistant (TA) and the librarian, in that order. The cars are green, red, silver, blue and white, and are all parked correctly. The names of the owners are Bill, Susan, Luke, Mary and Joe.

  • The TA drives a green car.
  • Joe drives a red car.
  • The car in the first space is blue.
  • The car in the last space is silver.
  • A white car is parked between the blue car and the red car.
  • Mary’s car is parked in the last space.
  • Bill’s car is parked next to Mary’s.
  • Susan’s car is parked between Luke’s and Joe’s.
  • 1. What color is the Associate professor's car?


    2. Who is the Dean?


    3. What color car is parked second from left?


    Explanation: initial diagram

    analytical reasoning diagram

    Explanation: final diagram

    analytical reasoning diagram