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  • Jigsaw puzzle: Choose landscape and puzzle pieces.
  • Spot the differences - Differences between two images.
  • Twirl puzzle: Move four pieces at a time!
  • Sliding puzzle. Classic game of 15.
  • Find the pug: Can you locate the pug?

More mind games, and brain teasers!

Picture twirl

  • Rotate four picture tiles at a time.
  • Place the tiles in order and complete the puzzle.
  • Establish new best times!

Sliding puzzle

  • Classical game of 15.
  • 4x4 grid with one empty tile.
  • Arrange the tiles in order.

Find the pug

  • Find the hidden pug.
  • Increasing skill level.
  • Sharpen your observation skills!

Spot the difference

  • Two versions of the same picture are displayed side by side.
  • Multiple themes.
  • Locate all differences before time is up!

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