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Cognitive abilities

Pattern recognition skills
  • Pattern recognition involves recognizing underlying mechanisms which give rise to generalizations and conclusions.
  • Understanding connections between seemingly unrelated events is not wholly unlearned and is certainly possible to train.
  • The real-life benefits of anticipating patterns includes summarizing information, remembering facts, and making sense of scrambled data.

Pattern recognition

  • Pattern recognition is said to have the highest correlation with the general intelligence factor, g, primarily because it is the ability to see order in a chaotic environment, the primary condition for life.
  • Patterns are abundant in nature and are also to be found in symbols such as words, shapes and images.
  • Pattern recognition abilities are a key ingredient in achieving proficiency in logics and mathematics.
    - Inductive logic employs patterns in observations to establish general rules.
    - In mathematics, the solution to number sequences often relies on perceiving relationships in numerical data.

Culture-fair matrices

  • Non-verbal questions are ideal as a culture-free method of assessing intelligence.
  • Learning the in-and-outs of matrix-style questions instills confidence and leads to higher scores.
  • Culture-fair matrices include shapes and objects arranged in a nine-cell matrix.
  • Gain the edge with the four-step method for solving cuture-fair matrices.

Worked examples:

1. Solve the matrix

Pattern recognition question


The correct answer is a solid hexagon in a plain hexagon.

The outside outline in column 1 is the inside block in column 3.

The inside block in column 2 is the outside outline in column 3.

2. Solve the matrix

Pattern recognition question


Each box moves one position down, and one position to the right each time.

If a box has no more moves to the right, it will occupy the position furthest to the left, on the next available line (either up or down).

3. Solve the matrix

Pattern recognition question


Col 1 + Col 2 = Col 3.

There is no rotation.