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Trivia questions and answers.

Example 1

Which of the following is a waterflower?

A. Carnation, B. Lotus, C. Sunflower, D. Buttercup, E. Tulip

Solution: B. Lotus.

Example 2

Which of the following is a moth?

A. Red admiral, B. Monarch, C. Madagascan sunset, D. Painted lady, E. Tortoiseshell

Solution: C. The Madagascan sunset moth, the rest are butterflies.

1.Which of the following is a crane?

  1. Golden
  2. Bald
  3. Harpy
  4. Sandhill
  5. Crowned

D: Sandhill crane, the rest are eagles.

Eagles are often informally divided
into four categories depending
on their physical characteristics
and the food they eat.
These groups are booted eagles, harpy
eagles, fish eagles, and snake eagles.

2.Which of the following is a real character?

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Vasco da Gama
  4. John Yossarian
  5. Sam Spade

Vasco da Gama was an explorer from Portugal, he was the first European to reach India by sea.

3.Which of the following describes a chemical change?

  1. Blending a smoothie.
  2. Crushing a can.
  3. Fermentation of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast.
  4. Salt dissolving in water.
  5. Boiling water.

C describes a chemical change, the rest of the options describe physical changes.

4.Which of these words are of Nahuatl origin (Aztect words)?

Avocado; Coyote; Chocolate; Shaman; Turmeric

Avocado, Coyote and Chocolate are of Nahuatl origin.

5.Which of the following elements are liquids at standard conditions for temperature and pressure?

  1. Mercury
  2. Gallium
  3. Bromine
  4. Sulfur
  5. Fluorine

Only two elements are liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure, and their atomic numbers are 35, and 80.

Mercury and bromine.