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Find the odd one out.

There are four synonyms and one antonym per group; the antonym is the odd one out!

Example 1

A. Metropolitan B. Bucolic C. Urban D. Oppidan, E. Civic

Solution: B, Bucolic. Bucolic relates to rural life, whereas the rest of the answer options relate to urban life.

Example 2

A. Neophyte B. Newcomer C. Novice D. Professional, E. Apprentice

Solution: D, Professional.

1.Find the odd one out.

  1. Determinism
  2. Acceptance
  3. Passivity
  4. Predestination
  5. Randomness

Answer E, randomness. Randomness has a meaning that is opposite to determinism (the theory that all events are the result of previous events/prior causes). Acceptance, passivity and predistination are concepts related to determinism.

2.Find the odd one out.

  1. Penchant
  2. Disinclination
  3. Affinity
  4. Proclivity
  5. Affection

Penchant means having a strong liking or inclination for something.

B: disinclination. All synonyms apart from disinclination which is an antonym.

3.Find the odd one out.

  1. Sensible
  2. Fatuous
  3. Bright
  4. Keen
  5. Aware

B. Fatuous (acting foolishly, usually in a complacent manner). The rest of the options are synonymous with smartness and intelligence.

4.Find the odd one out.

  1. Nervous
  2. Insouciant
  3. Nonchalant
  4. Jaunty
  5. Aloof

A. Nervous. Insouciant, nonchalant, jaunty and aloof are all synonymous, and nervous is an antonym.

5.Find the odd one out.

  1. Evanescent
  2. Tenuous
  3. Perpetual
  4. Disappearing
  5. Fleeting

C. Perpetual (everlasting). All other options are synonymous with impermanence.