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Situational math

Attempt questions in contexts; decide which arithmetic operations to use and develop strategies for one-step or multi-step solutions.

Example 1:

A digital clock reads 15:15. What is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand on an analog clock?

Solution: At 15:15 the hour hand has moved a quarter of the way to 16:00. Each hour is 1/12 of a circle: 30°. 1/4×30° equals 7.5°

Example 2:

An old man said to a young man, "I have a daughter. She has as many brothers as she has sisters. Each one of her brothers has twice as many sisters as he has brothers. How many sons and daughters do I have?

Solution: 3 sons and 4 daughters

1.A kite and surfboard cost $1500 in total. The kite costs $1,000 more than the surfboard. How much does the surfboard cost?


2.An apple costs 40 cents, a banana costs 60 cents, and a grapefruit costs 80 cents. How much does a pear cost?

40 cents. Assign 20 cents per vowel to each word.

3.Mary wants to break a $100 bill and Joanna, the cashier at the convenience store, offers to help. Mary tells Joanna that she needs some two-dollar bills, ten times as many one-dollar bills, and the rest in five-dollar bills.

How much of each dollar denomination does Joanna give her?

Mary receives five two-dollar bills, fifty one-dollar bills and eight five-dollar bills, for a total of $100.

4.There are eleven steps at the entrance of a museum. In the time it takes James to walk down two steps, Bob walks up one step. If they start simultaneously and keep a uniform speed, on which step will they meet?

James and Bob will meet on the fourth step from the bottom.