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Someone considered a good mind-reader is actually smart. This was found in an Estonian study. Even if you accept a skeptic's argument — that "mind readers" are simply those bright enough to pick up on body language and behavior — they still have to be bright to do this!

Feeling rejected has an effect on your IQ score. Ohio researchers claim IQ can plummet by 25 percent after being rejected. It's harder to think straight after rejection.

Certain smells may improve your ability to pass exams. British research indicates students revising for exams could use scent to improve their marks, but also that smells associated with failure can worsen results. The smell of rosemary is also said to enhance mental performance.
In 1984 the political scientist James Flynn reported that Americans had gained about 13.8 IQ points in 46 years. If people taking an IQ test today were scored in the same way as people 50 years ago then 90% of them would be classified in the genius level.
A message for action travels from your brain to your muscles as fast as 250 miles per hour.

Wine drinkers on average have a higher IQ than beer drinkers. Studies show a slight advantage to wine drinkers — but do wine drinkers have higher IQs because they drink wine or vice-versa ? It may be that some people with high IQ reach a high social status and then choose to drink wine to fit in.