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An analysis of 1 million students in a New York school district showed that school cafeteria food affected IQ scores to an astonishing degree. When preservatives, coloring, dyes and artificial flavors were removed from the cafeteria menu researchers found that 70,000 students performed two or more IQ grade levels higher than before.

Even though there are huge differences in weekly earnings between people of various educations levels there are also great discrepancies between people with comparable schooling and higher intellectual capabilities.

Social class is just one of many factors, both environmental and genetic, that may impact on a child's IQ. Others can include: diet, birth weight, parental IQ and even if the child gets hugged a lot!
IQ tests can’t measure all forms of intelligence. It’s widely agreed that standardized tests can’t measure all forms of intelligence including creativity, wisdom, practical sense and social sensitivity.
Some researchers say that IQ - a predictor of income - is partly inherited. Researchers compared the incomes of fathers and sons and found if you were in the bottom five percent of society you had a one in 20 chance or less of getting to the top.

IQ is not influenced by family size or birth order. There is some confusion on this matter due to the fact that smart families usually have few children. However there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that you will have a low IQ if you belong to a large family. There is also no evidence that the first born child will be more intelligent than the rest.