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Spatial intelligence

Spatial abilities are the perceptual and cognitive abilities that enable a person to deal with spatial relations, in other words the visualization and orientation of objects in space. Put simply spatial skills assess your ability to manipulate 3D objects by flipping and rotating them. Spatial intelligence questions test raw intelligence without the influence of prior knowledge and as such performance on this scale is indicative of general intelligence. At a first glance, such questions may appear daunting but the trick is not to give up too quickly. Often a second look at the problem will reveal a different approach, and a solution will appear because the brain has been given the opportunity to process information further.

1. Aliens have descended on Springfield. Your mission is to locate them before they zap the kiosk attendant, Zep the Zeronian.

Spatial IQ question 1

Starting from the south west corner of the station, you go

  • one block south,
  • then take a right,
  • and continue for two blocks.

You are at the:

  1. Park
  2. Square
  3. Parking lot
  4. Lampost

2. You are sitting on the bench in the square, when you receive a text message for the next meeting point.

Spatial IQ question 2

You start to walk south towards Telegraph road.

You go:

  • two blocks south,
  • then one block west.
  • then one block north.

You cross the road and and wait for further instructions.

Two men, wearing black suits, exit a green door, and walk towards you.

They are:

  1. To your right
  2. To your left
  3. In front of you
  4. Behind you

3. The MIB's introduce you to Zep the Zeronian, and ask you to escort him to his space ship.

Spatial IQ question 3

You make your way to Penny Lane, in order to avoid the green alien, and then you go north two blocks.

After that you turn right and walk past four blocks on you left hand side.

In relation to you, what are the space ship's coordinates?

  1. North east
  2. East
  3. North west
  4. West

4. If you hold up your right hand in the mirror, which hand will your image appear to be holding up?

  1. right hand
  2. left hand

5. If you turn a right-handed glove inside out on which hand will it now fit?

  1. right hand
  2. left hand