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Intelligence - nature or nurture? Researchers find a gene for intelligence and also that a bigger brain matters, yet other recent articles show how motivation affects learning.

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  • Isolation of important centres in brain results in age-related memory deficits

  • Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration

  • Brain researchers pinpoint gateway to human memory

  • Cognitive test battery developed to assess impact of long duration spaceflights on astronauts' brain function

  • Protein Elevated in Blood Predicts Post-Concussion Symptom Severity in Professional Athletes

  • New tools in fight against virus that attacks the brain

  • Brain receptor cell could be new target for Alzheimer's

  • Asymptomatic atherosclerosis linked to cognitive impairment

  • How does the brain react to virtual reality? Completely different pattern of activity in brain

  • With rewards, we remember more than we should



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