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Intelligence - nature or nurture? Researchers find a gene for intelligence and also that a bigger brain matters, yet other recent articles show how motivation affects learning.

  • Animals with larger brains are best problem solvers, study shows

  • Health and thinking skills linked to same genes, study shows

  • Brain levels of vitamin B12 decrease with age and are prematurely low in people with autism and schizophrenia

  • Learning a second language may depend on the strength of brain's connections

  • Study finds no link between surgical anesthesia and mild cognitive impairment

  • Diagnosing depression before it starts

  • Chronic stress, anxiety can damage the brain, increase risk of major psychiatric disorders

  • Alzheimer's diagnosis complicated by history of reading problems

  • Memory capacity of brain is 10 times more than previously thought

  • Engineered neural networks show hope for axonal repair with minimal disruption to brain tissue

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