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Sample personalized report - Visualization IQ

Visualization intelligence measures the ability to process visual material and to employ both physical and mental images in thinking. As a result people with a high visualization IQ find it easier to comprehend information and communicate it to others. Your visualization skills determine how well you perceive visual patterns and extract information for further use. Visualization also facilitates the ability to form associations between pieces of information something which helps improve long term memory.

Your visualization score is 50 and you scored in the 46th percentile.

The average visualization intelligence score is 52 .

bell curve

Your Grade ** Average **

You are capable of absorbing and analyzing visual information and you have the ability to think and communicate in pictures. You also have the ability to detect patterns in pictures or images and visualize what should come next in the series. You have a creative appreciation of your environment which helps you in many everyday tasks such as memorizing and narrating stories.

Here is a question which contributed to your visualization score:

Three equally sized circles can be drawn in such a way that they overlap and create 9 separate compartments.

Tips to increase your visualization IQ.

  • Picture in your mind what is being said. Try to associate it with familiar images so that you can remember it later.
  • Practice playing games like Tetris
  • Find a map of your city and figure out where your house is in relation to everything else.
  • Study star constellations.
  • Try sketching things you see physically or mentally.