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Sample personalized report - Spatial IQ

Spatial abilities are the perceptual and cognitive abilities that enable a person to deal with spatial relations, in other words the visualization and orientation of objects in space. Put simply spatial skills assess your ability to manipulate 3D objects by flipping and rotating them. Spatial intelligence questions test raw intelligence without the influence of prior knowledge and as such performance on this scale is indicative of general intelligence. At a first glance, such questions may appear daunting but the trick is not to give up too quickly. Often a second look at the problem will reveal a different approach, and a solution will appear because the brain has been given the opportunity to process information further.

Your spatial score is 65 and you scored in the 59th percentile.

The average spatial intelligence score is 59 .

bell curve

Your Grade ** Average **

You seem to have good abstract reasoning abilities and an understanding of physical space. This means that you have a good sense of direction and also that you have the ability to view things from different perspectives. You also have the ability to appreciate art and you can predict how every day situations change when conditions or events vary. This mental ability is probably your most powerful source of invention, creativity and inspiration.

Here is a question which contributed to your spatial score:

Sue walks one block north from her house.

Then she walks three blocks south, and then one block west.

How many blocks is she from her house?


People with spatial intelligence like to think in images. Once they have formed an image in their mind they then visually imagine many different results. If you have a lot of spatial intelligence and have an orientation for the arts you are more likely to become a sculptor or an architect. Furthermore, spatial intelligence can be very important in professions which emphasize the manipulation of tangible objects such as engineering and design. It is also useful in everyday activities such as reading a map or fitting things into a box or storage room. Artists, architects, photographers, engineers, decorators, sculptors, pilots, surveyors, inventors, guides and designers usually score highly in this intelligence type.

Tips to increase your spatial IQ.

  • Be responsible for reading and providing directions on trips.
  • Think of the best way to fit groceries into the car so that they all fit.
  • Practice with jigsaw puzzles and mazes.
  • Spend free time drawing, building with Lego's and building blocks.