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Sample personalized report - Logic IQ

Logical thinking is the ability to make deductions that lead rationally to a certain conclusion. It is important to have good logic skills because they help you think things through and they also give you a good understanding of cause and effect relationships. In this test your logic IQ was assessed through your ability to comprehend and follow certain rules and conditions set forth in many of the questions. Generally speaking logic skills make divergent thinkers and have proven to be very successful in our daily lives. Furthermore when combined with social insight and and self awareness logic skills make us into effective human beings. Improving these skills will increase your IQ and give you a good base for academic and personal success.

Your logic score is 51 and you scored in the 29th percentile.

The average logic intelligence score is 60 .

bell curve

Your Grade ** Average **

Your logic score is average. You have the ability to reason well and this helps you see where a given set of conditions is going to lead. Your logic skills help you perceive the physical world around you accurately and also give you the capacity to think effectively. The practical significance of a high IQ in this area is significant as it allows you to adapt adequately to relatively new situations.

Here is a question which contributed to your logic score:

Library is to book as book is to:

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Logic skills are especially useful in occupations which involve solving mathematical problems and developing arguments. These skills are usually applied in jobs like computer programming but generally have a wider range of technological and philosophical applications.

Tips to increase your logic IQ.

  • Fix/install something without using the instruction manual.
  • Problem solving and number exercises
  • Playing chess and strategy games.