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Sample personalized report - General knowledge

General knowledge is a very good indicator of crystallized intelligence i.e. mental skills acquired through education and experience. Generally speaking people with a good knowledge base exhibit greater retention of facts and figures and are regarded more intelligent. This is mainly due to the fact that they are more conscious of the connectivity between different information which they learn and this helps them retrieve information stored in their long term memory more easily.

Your general knowledge score is 73 and you scored in the 67th percentile.

The average general knowledge intelligence score is 64.

bell curve

Your Grade ** Average **

You have a very good knowledge base and are generally well informed about things that are commonly known. You also exhibit good retention of a lot of information that is encountered less often.

Here is a question which contributed to your g.knowledge score:

Choose the answer that best completes the series

Euro, Dollar, Franc, Peso,

Tips to increase your general knowledge.

  • Reading more books and journals will help improve your general knowledge whilst increasing your vocabulary and developing your word skills at the same time.
  • Watch TV trivia game shows (although it is usually much easier to learn something when it is in context).
  • Improving your long term memory will help you retain more facts and information. A proven way to accomplish this is through the use of mnemonics. This ancient method allows you to associate new information with things already familiar to you and makes it easy to retrieve the information at a later time.